Sunday Post: Book Blogging?

I first started this book blog in the aftermath of the Great Goodreads Censorship Scandal of 2013. I posted my reviews on the blog as well as on Goodreads, as insurance against any shenanigans by Goodreads. And that is basically how this blog has functioned up until now—except for those memorable nine months where I didn’t make a single post here, having reverted back to mostly lazy Goodreads reviews.

But, I don’t know, the more I visit book blogs, the more I like them, the more I like the idea of running one—one that is more than just a backup for book reviews. It’s a bookish space of my own, and offers room to grow. I notice when I write my reviews with my blog in mind as an audience, the reviews are higher quality; book challenges seem appealing to me in a way they don’t when I’m just Goodreads-ing it. I get more creative ideas.

I have a couple short weeks before heading to school as a full time student for the first time in nine years. Here are the things I’m hoping to read during that time:

  ✧ Delicious Foods by James Hannaham – the August book for the group Literary Fiction by People of Color
  ✧ Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee – the August book for my in-person book club
  ✧ Racism without Racists by Edward Bonilla-Silva – I read most of this book for a class and I want to finish up the chapters I haven’t read, because 1) the book is great, and 2) I have the compulsion to finish what I start
  ✧ My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante – a book that is being read for group discussion as well as fitting the bill for the Women in Translation month hosted by Biblibio, although at the moment I will admit this is the one I feel the least excited about.

Today I’m finishing up Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson, which I quite like and will of course review.

In other bookish news, I’m happy to say that a group of us here in town are starting a feminist book club, the first meeting of which will be in early September. We’re all supposed to bring titles we want to read, and at the moment I’m leaning toward suggesting On Trial for Rape by Ann Brocklehurst. It’s short so it seems like a nice book to get our feet wet with: the time investment isn’t so large and should provide plenty to talk about. If it’s good, there’s several more people in the world who will know that and can talk it up, and if it’s not—well, we can all commiserate about how horrible it was and why it was that way! Win-win! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Book Blogging?

  1. Oooo your book club should be interesting this week. I would love to be part of a group chatting about Go Set a Watchman. Glad you are dusting off the blog and joining in, blogging is a lot of fun, and it’s fun chatting with other book lovers.

    • Yes, the chatting part is what I want to get in on! My book club is great but it only meets once a month–what am I to do those other days when I want to talk books?! 😉 I’m looking forward to the discussion of Watchman too, there’s been so much said about it from so many angles… Just have to find out for myself!

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