In one study of lending practices done by the Kentucky Human Rights Commission, black and white testers with equal characteristics requested conventional mortgages for the same housing from ten of the top lending institutions in Louisville, and while there were cases in which discrimination was apparent (blacks having trouble getting appointments, etc.), in the eighty-five visits made to inquire about loans, none of the black testers (with one exception) knew they were being discriminated against, though all of them were. Blacks were given less information, less encouragement to return and apply for the loan, fewer helpful hints as to how to successfully obtain a loan, and differential treatment in prequalifying—sometimes being told they would not qualify when whites of the same profile were told they would.

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Racism without Racists

Finishing up this book today. As I mentioned earlier, I read the majority of this book for a race & ethnic relations class. While I do think that the chapters we read for class had stronger content, the unassigned chapters are chock full of great information too. This selection comes from the chapter “The New Racism,” which details structural rather than interpersonal racism.

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    • I agree the situation is a grim and disheartening one. 😦 As the author and many others have pointed out, bias can be unconscious–all the more reason to learn about it and root out what you can.

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