I realize it’s been over two months since I updated last–how did that happen? I’m still reading away, I just don’t have the time for reviewing that I used to–although I am finally adjusting more to the school schedule. Just in time for winter break in a couple more weeks! Anyway I thought I should just give a little update on what the bookish stuff been up to since I posted last.

✧ I’ve read two graphic novels
✧ I’ve read six plays (and seen two), and gone to a comedy show as well
✧ I’ve read seven novels, two memoirs, and one book of essays
✧ Of course I’ve been reading school stuff, mostly Weber, Marx, and Durkheim
✧ Peter & I finally finished reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
✧ I attended an awesome book club meeting for The Diviners; we all dressed in 1920s costumes, drank 1920s mixed drinks, did tarot reading and Ouija board, and the house was lit with about 50 candles–gorgeous


I’m currently reading The Black Count by Tom Reiss. I picked it up because one of the many book groups I try to keep up with was reading it this month. I read The Count of Monte Cristo to my boyfriend a few years back and I loved it, so I remember hearing about this book (I think my dad mentioned it to me) due to its subtitle which includes the words “the real Count of Monte Cristo.” And it’s about Alexandre Dumas’s father?! You don’t say! However I never really had enough interest to read it until this month.

I’m about halfway in and enjoying it much more than I expected. It’s about a lot more than just Alex Dumas (or General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas Davy de la Pailleterie if you want to pull out formal long names), pictured to the left (according to Dumas the novelist, his dad’s leg was as thick as his mother’s waist when they were married; is he exaggerating? I don’t know, but regardless I could do with a resurgence in popularity for breeches and hose). In order to tell his story in context one must consider the history of the sugar colony Saint-Domingue (present-day Haiti), the history of slavery and race relations in France, and the French Revolution (and that’s just so far… Napoleon is coming up, if the foreshadowing is to be believed!).


So what’s in the reading future? Well, I have to read Bossypants for my next book club meeting. I just discovered Dinovember yesterday, so I’m thinking I’ll do Jurassic Park when I’m done with this book. I’ve put in an interlibrary loan request for The Saddlebag, and I’m seriously considering putting one in for Battlesaurus. Books I have checked out from the library and still have to finish include This One Summer, Step Aside, Pops: A Hark! A Vagrant Collection, and PleasantvilleWhew! Um, I love books?


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