Killing and Dying: Stories by Adrian Tomine

Title: Killing and Dying
Author: Adrian Tomine
Genre: Graphic novel

Goodreads | Drawn & Quarterly

Wow, this is some great storytelling. A small book that packs a big punch.

There are six short stories in here–and they are quite short, since the whole book contains only 120 pages, and they are in “comic” format. Despite this, Adrian Tomine is able to craft stories that are fully formed and quite compelling. They are all memorable.

Also–totally a fan of his artwork.

The title story was probably the richest of the stories, although I liked “Amber Sweet” quite a lot as well. However all the stories were all evocative, and most of them made me feel that odd sense of being dissatisfied in a way that is actually satisfying–it leaves you wanting more, it doesn’t neatly resolve things or offer all (or any) answers. Ultimately it feels “true” and lifelike.

The physical experience of reading it was nice as well–smooth, thick paper, beautifully rendered art, the book felt high quality.

I’d especially recommend it if you’re in a reading slump or don’t have much time to get your story fix in, as this volume delivers stories with depth and requires minimal work on the reader’s part.


2 thoughts on “Killing and Dying: Stories by Adrian Tomine

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