I heard Caroline draw in her breath, and felt her move a little closer to me, as if afraid. As the door was pushed open and the light of the hall revealed Roderick standing there, I think we were both, for a second, relieved.

Sarah Waters, The Little Stranger

This is the book I’m currently reading aloud to Peter. After we finished Harry Potter–so sad–we had to move on to something. I started reading him 11/22/63 by Stephen King but he didn’t like it, and from the list of short synopses I sent him he chose this one. We’re about a third in and so far both liking it. It is infused with a subtle and building tension. Peter has commented several times that the author is “laying a lot of groundwork,” which is an aspect he really likes–some people might think this book is boring (at least based on what we’ve read so far), but both of us are appreciating the slow burn. Looking forward to reading more of it!

Teaser Tuesday is a book meme hosted at Books and a Beat


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