Leave This Song Behind: Teen Poetry at Its Best

Title: Leave This Song Behind
Editors: John Meyer, Stephanie Meyer, Adam Halwitz, Cindy Spertner
Genre: Poetry

Goodreads | Powell’s

Every now and then, I try–and I do mean try, because it doesn’t come naturally–to get into poetry. I’ve tried poetry books before and never otten far, but I have liked a few poems I’ve seen on Tumblr lately, so when I had the chance to read this book I thought, sure! why not! teen poetry is probably more accessible or at least less pretentious than poetry by poet laureates!

And I’m happy to say that this was a successful venture. It’s the first poetry book I’ve ever finished, so it got something right. I think a lot of it can be boiled down to the many different voices and styles presented here. There are 100 poems in the book, and although a couple contributors got two poems included, for the most part every poem is written by someone different. There’s something for everyone. While I admit to “not getting” a few of the poems, or of doing a bit of eye rolling, the poems that I disliked may be someone else’s favorites. And actually there were a surprising amount of poems here that I really loved, and I searched the internet for their authors, wanting to find more.

If you’re into poetry, you’ll like this book. Even if you’re not into poetry, like me, you’ll probably find a few poems that you want to read again and again. Honestly I thought a lot of the poems were on par with more well-established poets (of course, as I’ve said, I don’t always like well-established poets), and even poems I was felt so-so on were better than poems I’ve read from nationally recognized. And it actually made me want to try my hand at poetry, and I can’t think of a better outcome than that!


One thought on “Leave This Song Behind: Teen Poetry at Its Best

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