Announcing Shelf-Reflective, my new literary podcast!

So I’ve been hinting at something new in the works for how I talk about books, and if you read my last post carefully, you may have noticed what that new something is–I started a podcast!


I’m always reading out loud to Peter, and we’re always talking about what we read, so I decided that we’d record our conversation about the book after we finished, and voila, podcast. In our first episode, we talked about The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters, so if you’d like to hear our thoughts about it head on over (while the episode contains many spoilers, the first few minutes of the podcast are spoiler-free).

But I’m also hoping that it will connect me to the wider world of reading–book bloggers, booktube, etc.–because there are so many great perspectives out there. For every book I read aloud to Peter, I read about ten on my own, which means lots of books I would love to talk about with someone. Reading reviews is great, but I like interacting even more. I know for myself that when I write book reviews I don’t even put that many of my thoughts in it because it doesn’t seem relevant to the review somehow, and there’s no one there to bounce ideas off of or ask what their experience was. And that’s where discussion comes in.

I’ve just set up my spreadsheet of possible reading choices for the Summer Seasonal Reading Challenge (click here to view); there’s also my Goodreads to-read list–if you see any books on there that you are interested in reading and discussing, drop me a line in comments here on my blog, through this form, or through email (shelfreflective [at] gmail).

I just finished A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara yesterday, so if you’ve that and want to talk about it, please drop me a line, preferably before I have to turn it back in to the library! Right now the book I’m reading to Peter is The Shipping News by Annie Proulx, so that will definitely be an upcoming show if you want to follow along 🙂

You can find more information about Shelf Reflective at…
iTunes: preview page
Twitter: shelfreflective blog:
Email: shelfreflective [at] gmail

I hope you will consider following and perhaps even participating in this adventure with me 🙂


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