My 2017 Challenge

Last year was the first year I tried to do formal reading challenges. I was doing pretty well…until the semester from hell came along and completely derailed my reading life…and especially my blog life. Still, on my alphabet challenge, I got 22 out of 26 books, which isn’t bad for a challenge I basically forgot about halfway through the year! And my seasonal challenges? Well, during the seasons I participated, I crushed them with 140% or 150% completion. It was fun!

But this year…I want to try something different: reading only books I feel drawn to. I guess you could say I do this already, because in choosing books for challenges I often pick from my to-read list. When I did themed challenges, I chose the book that appealed to me most from a particular list or genre or what have you. Still, though, with a to-read list that’s over 1,000 books long, let’s be honest: there are books that call to you more than others. And I want to read the books that call to me the most.

Maybe they call to me because of the cover, the title, the author, because a reviewer I trust or admire gave them a great review, for a combination or for no reason. I’m just going to read books that call to me. And if I start them and by 100 pages I’m not into them anymore? Yeah, bye. I have so much in my life right now that takes mental energy, and a lot of things that seem like chores. I’m not going to make reading one of them. I’m not going to use my leisure time mental energy for something I don’t even enjoy.*

Gauntlet thrown! I will track my progress of how well I’m keeping this goal periodically on this page. So far, though, I can say it’s going well. I finished The Nest, which is a book that had been calling to me for a few months. Excellent choice (hopefully a review is forthcoming shortly). And I just started reading Jacob’s Folly, which I am really liking so far. So hopefully only good books in 2017!!

*Possible caveat: books I’m reading for book club and/or discussion. The thing is, I enjoy the discussion even if I detest a book, so I do think it’s worth it most of the time.


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