The Nest by Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney

Title: The Nest
Author: Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney
Genre: Fiction

Rating: 4ish / 5


I really enjoyed this one. It was the first book I read after resolving to only read books I feel drawn to, and as far as that experiment goes, it was a success.

It was a fun and fairly light read. Sweeney’s writing style is easy to get into and has a nice flow. Getting absorbed subject matter–a dysfunctional family fighting over an evaporated inheritance, thanks to their most dysfunctional member–was a nice distraction from my own life. I liked the sor of ensemble cast the author used to tell the story. Because of the many characters, there wasn’t a ton of character development, but I never felt like it was lacking, either. It was very well done.

Some reviewers seem to have marked it down because the characters were unlikable, or they made their own problems. I guess that’s one reason I liked it. Most people make their own problems, or at least make their problems worse. I thought this book did a great job of highlighting that–yes, the “worst” character in the book really did screw things up for his siblings, and he’s totally shitty and you can definitely make the argument that he created the situation. But his siblings also undoubtedly made their own decisions, decisions that they can’t really blame on him, even though their actions were based on an assumption that the unforeseen event wouldn’t drain their savings.

I guess it was kind of like an upscale beach read. This might sound callous of me, but I think the ending ought to have been darker or less pat than it was. It just didn’t seem to fit with the vibe rest of the book, and it made it seem less balanced and less serious. I think if it had been a more open ending, one with more messiness or turbulence, it would have just been a better book, probably a  firm 4.5. But the reading experience was a good one, and I kept trying to guess what was going to happen with various storylines. If a fairly fun, light read about an inheritance gone wrong sounds appealing to you, as it did to me, you will probably enjoy this one.



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