Sweetgirl by Travis Mulhauser

Title: Sweetgirl
Author: Travis Mulhauser
Genre: Fiction

Rating: 3-3.5 / 5



I picked this up at the university library because it was small, and I liked the font on the cover. It was a really good contrast to Sport of Kings, because in so many ways this book is its opposite. This book was thematically light whereas that one was thematically dense; this book was tight where that one was sprawling; this one focused narrowly on the story whereas that one focused on…something; this book was a quick 240 pages while that book was a long 560.

Most of the book takes place on a single night, and starts right at the beginning–16-year-old Percy hears that her addict mother is up in the hills at some creep’s drug den; there’s a storm coming in and Percy doesn’t think she’ll survive it. So, she goes to find her and bring her home. But instead of her mother, she finds a neglected baby. This book is fast-paced and you may want to finish it in one sitting; I finished it in two, but it went by so fast. It is pretty gripping. Mulhauser doesn’t really employ any tricks to confuse you or keep you interested, either–it’s all linear, easy to follow, and pretty fun to read despite the subject matter, which is on the dark side of things.

Overall, I would say this maybe isn’t a “deep” book, but it is one hell of a story, well told. It does what it does well. There was a group of girls in my high school who loved reading all those books about people addicted to drugs–the only one I can think of right now is Junk by Melvin Burgess but there are definitely others. Although this one is quite different in many ways, I think they would have loved this one.


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