Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Title: Yes Please
Author: Amy Poehler
Genre: Memoir / humor

Rating: 1 / 5


I knew this was going to be more of a “no thank you” before I even picked it up, but it was for book club. And, actually, it’s probably more accurately a “did not finish” book, because although I did get to the end of it, I just started skipping the chapters I knew I wasn’t going to like. I like Amy Poehler in some of the things I’ve seen her in, most notably Parks and Recreation, of which I watched…two seasons? Maybe? I’m not really a “fan.” And I don’t care about improv. I’m sure it’s great and more power to the people who love it and find themselves there–that’s awesome. But it’s also not something that particularly interests me, at least as told in the empty-memoir format, the kind where it’s like “here’s a story about George Clooney, here’s one about Seth Meyers, here’s one about Lorne Michaels.” And I’m like, first of all, I don’t care, and secondly, Lorne who? Yeah, yeah, I know, SNL producer, etc., but I don’t watch late night humor. I don’t really think it’s funny.

I did like the parts of the book where Poehler talks about her kids–that was super sweet. I also thought it was interesting that she’s really self-conscious about her looks, just because it shows how deep those insecurities go for women in our society. The part of the book where she details the saga of the whole making-fun-of-a-disabled-person-and-then-taking-years-to-apologize-while-still-defending-herself thing was the part that got the most discussion from our book club group. The general consensus was, “she still seems really defensive about that.” But mostly, with a book like this, about other people’s celebrity anecdotes, there is just not much to discuss. Her “advice” or “wisdom” or whatever was completely cliche (which is fine, a lot of the best stuff is), but also kind of throwaway and unmemorable. Hence, the book felt empty, and I didn’t really enjoy it. I think if you consider yourself a fan of hers, there is a much higher likelihood that you would enjoy it.


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