Book blogging

For the past two weeks I’ve barely read anything, and I’m about 15 books behind on reviews. How does this happen even when I’m not in school?! Well, for one thing, I had a wedding to plan! Just got married to my read-aloud partner of 7+ years. 🙂 The first book I read him was Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone, and I read it over the phone because he was living in a different city at that time. After I finished relevant chapters, I would send him the appropriate Harry & the Potters song. Now we’ve read Harry Potter together three times and a bunch of other books too. (Extra appropriate to mention this as it is Harry Potter’s birthday today and we won first place in a ~20 team Harry Potter trivia contest last night!!)

So, happy news 😀

But I’m also wondering about how to deal with my book blog when things keep piling up. Like maybe coming up with an easier formula for my reviews so I hit on the important aspects but can still move it along. I will probably experiment with that in the future, and if you have any recommendations or tips about how you fit everything in that you want to say, I’m glad to hear them! A lot of times when I’m reading a book I keep a sticky note in back with pros, cons, things I want to mention, but then I find that it makes it take longer to write a review, or the review gets a little too long if I try to hit everything on my list. In other words, it can get unmanageable. I want to keep it manageable because I really do enjoy keeping track of books this way.


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