This Is Where You Belong by Melody Warnick

Title: This Is Where You Belong
Author: Melody Warnick
Genre: Nonfiction 

Rating: 2 / 5


Why I picked it up: It was a discussion book for a group I’m in.

What it’s about: The author, a habitual mover, tries to get attached to the newest place she’s moved to. She outlines ideas for readers to follow to help them get more rooted and involved in their community.

What I liked: I think her suggestions are probably good. They seemed a little…obvious to me. I already do/have done almost all of them without having to be told (“talk to your neighbors,” “walk around your town,” “go to a city council meeting,” “shop locally”). I guess if these ideas have never occurred to you, this book is as good a place as any to hear the pitch.

What I didn’t like: The way she wrote kind of grated on me a bit. She seemed to be a little condescending toward people who want to live where they grew up, especially if those places are rural. Other readers in the group didn’t feel that was the case, and it’s true that there are other explanations for how she wrote and it’s really hard to read tone. She would come up with ideas and then not follow through with them (but still suggest them to others). The things she said when she was visiting a planation kind of bothered me. I guess there’s not really a nice way to say it but she just kinda bugged me. :\

Overall / recommended: Didn’t really like it. I gave it two stars because I think there is some value in her suggestions and her approach. Again, they felt obvious to me, but for someone looking to be more attached to their town or city, I think it’s fine. There was a section that made me want to be nicer to all my neighbors and make them cookies and stuff, which is nice. Would I recommend it? Maybe start just skimming the lists at the end of the chapters; they pretty much sum it up.


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